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buy Zinc Oxide

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Appearance (visual inspection):White granuleAssay Content %95-98
Cd Content%<0.025 Loss on drying %1-4
Pb Content%<0.01Cu Content%<0.001
Fe Content%<0.006
production method
To low-grade zinc oxide or zinc ore and zinc raw material, the use of sulfuric acid in the PH value of 5.4 under the condition of leaching and removing impurities, the refined zinc sulfate solution, into the sodium percarbonate zinc carbonate precipitation, the latter calcining under the high temperature of 120-140 ℃ after washing ,and get the active zinc oxide.
Active Zinc Oxide is White hexagon crystal or powder. Melting point is 1,975 ℃ (5.2MPa).When heat up to 1,800 ℃,it will be sublimations. The appearance assumes yellow in high temperature, and restores the white when it is cold. The relative density is 5.47-5.67. The refractive index is 2.0041.It is soluble the alkaline metal hydroxide, the acid, the ammonia water, the ammonium sulfate and the ammonium chloride solution, insoluble in the water and the ethanol. It can absorb the carbon dioxide and the water in the air. Active Zinc Oxide does not have smelly and non-toxic.
This mainly serves the natural rubber, the synthetic rubber and the latex as vulcanization agent ingredient in the rubber industry, both can speed up the curing speed, and can enhance the degree of vulcanization. Next, the Active Zinc Oxide may serve as makes up the potentiate agent and the colorant agent, also may serve as the neoprene vulcanizing agent.

Handling and Storage recommendations
Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep container dry. Keep in a cool place. Avoid direct sunshine. Product slowly degrades on storage particularly under warm ,humid conditions .Keep stock below 40℃.
Packing and shipping
Bag: 25kg/bag
Pallet: 800kg
Delivery time: within 7days after receiving advance Zinc Oxide


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