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Stainless Steel HC Bearing Shaft Diameter 20~90mm manufacturers

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Established in 1994,NingBo RongRui Bearing Manufacturing Co.,LTD (NXR) has developed a group of manufacturers and exporters of bearings.Our factory is located in CiXi,ZheJiang Province,adjacent to China's two largest ports, Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port, specialized in developing and producing in insert ball bearing,spherical ball bearing and other non-standard spherical ball bearing,assuring the most convenient transportation.
We mainly use GCR15 bearing steel and stainless steel as raw materials, specialized in the production of INA standard GE...KRR-B, E...KRR-B, GRAE...NPP-B, RAE...NPP-B, GYE...KRR-B, GAY...NPP- B, AY...NPP-B, GSH...2RSR-B and other series of spherical bearings and various spherical non-standard bearings.
Such Products are widely used in household appliances, office equipments, sports machineries, textile machineries and agricultural machineries. These are mainly for the international market, but also meet the needs of some domestic markets.
Our factory is ISO9002 approved.
NXR Bearing strives to improve quality and design new and customized products. The quality of EMQ bearings reached to sound quality and they are accepted and approved widely by dealers and users. With the support of the technical team, we can produce the new bearing according to customers request.
NXR Bearing has consistently adhered to the "quality, integrity, satisfaction, innovation" management policy, following the rigorous and pragmatic, accurate and refined work attitude to serve all customers. Through the joint efforts of the employees of the whole plant, the spherical/insert bearings produced by NXR have been exported to Europe, South America, Japan and other countries, and have been well praised by customers. Rongrui NXR Bearing welcomes friends from all walks of life at home and abroad to come to negotiate business, visit and guide.Let us create a brilliant career!                         Stainless Steel HC Bearing Shaft Diameter 20~90mm manufacturers


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