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Diamond Saw Blade For Glass Cutting Free Sample

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About us
Hongxiang Superhard Material Co., Ltd. is an expert manufacturer of synthetic diamond grits, powders, drill bits, blades and wheels. For more than 27 years Hongxiang has been providing the widest array of top quality synthetic diamond powder,diamond drill bit,diamond wheel,diamond saw blade,PCD blank,PDC cutter etc.
Hongxiang's major export destinations include the US, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Iran, Turkey, the UK, France, and Germany.
Zhecheng Hongxiang Superhard Material Co., Ltd is affiliated with Wanke Group.Established in April 1990 and  in April 2004 with registered capital of 10 million RMB,with total construction area of 120000 square meters.Hongxiang is now one of the largest manufacturers in East Henan of synthetic diamonds and industrial diamond products. We build modern workshops, warehouses, offices, and dormitories, hire 14 senior and mid-level technicians, own and operate 60 sets of advanced manufacturing and testing equipment.
Hongxiang factories are strategically located in a small city to control production costs, and thus to pass more savings along to customers. The company introduces top-notched software and equipment to facilitate quality control and product development. Advanced OEC method optimizes management and keeps spurring employees on to pursue excellence.Diamond Saw Blade For Glass Cutting Free Sample


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