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cheap pink sushi ginger 1800g

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Laiwu Dunsunrise Foods CO,.LTD,founded in 2002, has focused on top quality ginger products including sushi ginger and ginger tea.Our company is located in Laiwu city  Shandong province, one of the major ginger growing regions in China. We started as a small operation, but now has become one of the leading suppliers in the ginger production industry in China.
Dunsunrise have been focused on the research and development of sushi ginger and ginger tea for 15 years, and introduced advanced ginger processing technology and production line from Japan.  In the past15 years, we have established modern high-standard processing workshops and national standard ginger planting bases 20000 Mu, GAP European plantation 3000 Mu, and organic ginger planting bases 1600 Mu. Therefore, we have the capability to control the whole line from growing to producing to marketing.
Dunsunrise founded the center for ginger cultivation and development studies, which is the first standard center in Shandong province. We adopt the way of school-enterprise cooperation to do the research work. Our cooperating universities are as follows, Qing Hua University, The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science and Shandong Agricultural University.
We have two major categories of products, sushi ginger and ginger tea, which are exported to over 40 countries and areas now. All of the products have got the certification of FDA,IFS,BRC,OV,HALAL ,HACCP,ISO9001 .
Dunsunrise has professional and technical elite and management personnel more than 100 people, average age is 35 years old, is a young and vibrant team. We are able to meet various clients' needs by the young management group, improving management level, high quality products and the cooperation capability to create a pink sushi ginger 1800g


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