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Some questions are easier than others and the other evening one came in from a Midwestern Gentleman who asked have there been any innovations in steam powered aircraft since 1935? Yes, that is a difficult question even for an Online Think Tank.

Specifically, how about all the articles on the toxic levels of fluoride that is in our water, food and toothpaste! Watch out, it's a huge conspiracy. These articles all state the dangers of fluoride (it weakens bones, lowers IQ), without scientific evidence to support it, yet they never explain what the purpose is then of its addition to our water, etc. Is the government trying to weaken us all and make us thoughtless unmanned aerial systems? No! It's added to keep our teeth healthy-- that's it!

Of course in unmanned aerial systems real life cover and concealment are the tools of combat survival on an individual basis. Digging a hole and getting in it is the time tested manner of providing both cover and concealment, but one cannot dig a hole in the game so ducking behind cover and finding concealment are effective tools for killing more of them than they kill of us.

After watching Vanilla Sky, I thought about the possibility of cryogenic freezing. Would I want to do it? How could it go wrong? There are many ways, David's "lucid dream" being an example. Instead of everything being perfect and peaceful, it turned into an eternal nightmare. I can also see how this technology could be misused. Another issue is that of population. If countless people choose to be frozen and then re-thawed when a cure to their disease is invented, the population would shoot through the roof. There might not be enough resources and that could lead to major problems.

The Black Knight Drone UAV is an advanced civilian drone that can be used by civilians, military, police, ranchers, farmers and anywhere you need an "eye in the sky." They are custom-built in Texas, U.S.A. to the user's requirements. A dual screen laptop is used for information gathering and drone control. Currently they serve a 3 mile square radius. The distance can be extended if the drone is followed by the operator. It can also be reprogrammed from the laptop to view areas of interest.

The U.S. economy came close to total collapse in 2008, and is still on life support provided by the most massive government rescue effort in history. Still worried more than a year after its Great Recession ended in June of last year, the U.S. government has just commenced another round of quantitative easing to try to lower interest rates even further, in an effort to make sure its economy doesn't double-dip back into recession.

Visuals in FlatOut are basic and looks like it fits the content well. There are allot of track objects to hit in each location, putting them to use would be a good idea. FlatOut features below average music that one should not be forced to listen to. A.I. in FlatOut refuses to lose, even if you have a big lead it will find a way to pass you. Overall this game is okay, FlatOut makes for a good rental.
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