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Zerg Build Order Up To Mid Level Leagues

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Some questions are easier than others and the other evening one came in from a Midwestern Gentleman who asked have there been any innovations in steam powered aircraft since 1935? Yes, that is a difficult question even for an Online Think Tank.

At 9/10 Supply, create and Overlord and keep making uav jobs, putting them all on Minerals. When your population hits 15/18 create a Spawning Pool in your base. Build two more Drones, then save up to put your Hatchery down. Send your Drone out early so you can build your Hatchery right when you hit 300 Minerals.

Imagine picking and choosing in that situation. Now then I propose using mini-uav jobs helicopters to drop personal water filtration units to the victims with instructions and explanation of what is happening. For instance; This will help you clean the water for drinking. Put the water in this container and wait for 2 hours while it cooks the water and kills the bacteria, which could cause disease or kill you. You will be rescued in 8-10 hours hopefully but not later than 24 hours, thank you we are working hard to get you out of there.

Additionally these units would be outfitted with mini-infrared detectors looking for body heat ranges of humans; if it is discovered that people are stuck in the attics then they take priority and that would trigger and "E3" or "EEE" Emergency Evacuation Event. This would show up at the unmanned aerial systems mobile command center and help would be forthwith. Think on this.

But with Americans overseas, I also do have some objection in the sense that I would try them for treason. Awlaki was known and it was published that he was on a target list for months and months. He could have been tried in a federal court for treason for treason. He denounced America and, in all likelihood, he would have been swiftly convicted.

Helicopter - Like planes, small areas could use helicopters for carrying out a surveillance killing any enemy in their sight and adding to your killstreak once more.

All this and Jack Bauer is in the middle of it. Instead of hopping on a plane with Kim and her adorable perfect family including a blond haired granddaughter and jetting off to LA, Grandpa Bauer is going to save the world again.
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