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Can dolphins fly? Of course not, but neither can humans. However, because of human dexterity, environment, and large brains humans have found a way to fly by inventing and building aircraft, and making balloons. It would be rather tough for a dolphin to create an aircraft because it takes dexterity to manipulate things in order to do this. It is hard to build tools to build other things without that dexterity. But that's not to say that dolphins couldn't fly if we created aircraft for them. Now that I've piqued your curiosity let me give you a new innovative thought for today.

imagedrones<\/strong> market" style="max-width:430px;float:right;padding:10px 0px 10px 10px;border:0px;">Gatteca, however, has a completely different feel. The movie was really anaesthetic. Everyone was the same in this movie. In Gatteca, everyone dressed the same, looked the same, and pretty much acted the same. There was really an almost clinical feel to the movie. This certainly dulls the senses. It was rather boring to watch all the faceless, nameless what is a drone used for.

Mr. Obama has also kept open the detention centers at Bagram Air Base and Guantanamo Bay, continued military aid to other countries around the world, and remained mum about humanitarian abuses by dictator governments.

We can accomplish this by using a cage type configuration as part of the aircraft's structural makeup. The outer cage secondary skin. This skin will expand into its self when it is heated up. This will allow UAV Swarms to carry large loads and once off the ground the speed can increase to keep them aloft.

Both of these movies are formalistic in style. Neither movie sticks to the conventions of current life. Both movies are very stylistic and stretch the boundaries of what is a drone used for is real and what is not. Vanilla Sky seems to be the more formalistic than Gattaca. In Vanilla Sky, many shots and images are distorted and unclear. Some of the shots are done out-of-sequence. The colors were bright at times and more sedate and dreamy other times. Color was definitely used to help create the "lucid dream" image. For these reasons, Vanilla Sky was relatively hard for me to follow. Gattaca, while primarily formalistic, used more realistic aspects, especially in many of the camera shots. This movie was easier unmanned aerial systems to follow. I didn't get confused like I did sometimes with Vanilla Sky.

I propose a fat leading edge wing, which is large for takeoff and once airborne I propose hitting the entire swarm with a microwave beam or laser to heat the skin of the swarms, which will affect the manufactured material memory of those components and cause them to shrink. Thus the swarm can fly a much faster speed on its way to the target.

It would make the dolphins very happy, and they would share their experience with other dolphin, and they would be flying around just like us. If we are going to look for other species in the solar system, and beyond, maybe we should start at home and work with the most intelligent species already on this planet and learn how to communicate better, share experiences, and share our technologies. Please consider all this and think on.
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